A W I L D A  // Wild, Untamed

W E ' M O O N // We of the Moon

We Who are Remembering, We Who are Reclaiming, We Who are Returning

It came to me, like starlight over the water: shimmering and

             dancing over the ripples made by the softness of my breath...

It came to me in whispers as I walked through the forest, carried on the wind through the boughs of acorn-heavy oak and swaying redwood trees. It came to me in the suckle of babe at breast and bare feet stained ochre. It came to me with the birthing of fire from wood against wood and the sweat of the brow. It came to me in the laying of my hands on a sister, and their woes melting away...


It came to me in the birthing blood of my daughter, kneeling on that old deer hide. It came to me in the gathering of a tribe on a mountain top, in the bone-deep knowing of Belonging, and the heart-breaking sorrow of it ending. It came to me on the scent of fresh-ground herbs, and the steam carrying their medicine into my lungs. It came to me on the beat of the drum as I led them down, down into the Cave of the Ancestors...


It came to me in sunlight dancing on the blue-green pond, naked bodies reveling in the blessed water holding them like their mother's wombs. It came to me in the roundness of swelling bellies, of pendulous breasts, of tears mixed with dirt, of wild blackberry-stained fingers and stolen kisses. It came to me after prayer after prayer, after searching and searching.


Awilda We'Moon was born from a breath... 



We are holding space for the womxn and the womb-carriers who are called to tread an older, less-worn, almost forgotten path through the Wildwood. Those who know our wellness and our magic come from our connection with the Earth and the Spiritworld... Those who want to take back their Power, and reclaim their Body Sovereignty... Those who are finding themselves living on the Edge in the liminal places, who feel their magic glowing like the Moon, Witch-kin... Those who want to sing the songs that call forth the memories of our Ancestors buried in our bones... 

Awilda We'Moon is a Way Back. 

A way back to Holistic, Nature-based Wellness

A way back to Self-Directed, Instinctive Mothering

A way back to our inner Wild Woman, our Forest Witch-selves

A way back to the Land and the Ancestors

A way back to the Village 

The path is strewn with bone needles and heron feathers

There are bobcat tracks in the mud

And wolves walking at our heels

Take up the Bow

That which hunts and nourishes us, that which gives us fire 

Take up the Drum

That which is the beating of our hearts, that which sends us home

Take up the Staff

That which supports us on our journey, that which aids our magic

Join us, your sisters, on the way to remembering, to returning


I was called, like a moth to flame. I was called by my Ancestors, by

          the Spirits, by my children, by my great-great grandchildren... 

I was called to walk the path of Mother - Healer - Priestess - Midwyf at a young age. From childhood I was drawn to the Otherworld, to Magic, to Ceremony, to the Mysteries of Life and Death. I was attending goat births with my aunt at five. I felt life stir for the first time in my own womb and knew first hand both unconditional love and the worst loss in the world-- that of a child, at the age of sixteen. It was then that my Ancestors and Guides called me to follow in the footsteps of my grandmother, my great-grandmother, and my fifth-great grandmother who did this work before me.


Over the years I would midwife myself through traumatic and empowering pregnancy releases, hospital births, and a home freebirth; through health crises and a depression as deep and dark as the sea. I would study, and train, and pray-- always learning, always open to Receiving. I began to hold space for those who wanted another Way, who needed Sister and Witness and Wise Wombyn to support them on their Journey. 

Now, I step fully into my role, onto my Path. With this offering, through Awilda We'Moon I finally allow myself to be Seen, and give myself in full Service to the world. I have been on this path now for thirteen years, and I am passionate about returning the Sacred to Birth, Healing to the Home, Wellness to the People, and Peace to the Earth. I devote my work to the Spirits and the Land, to the Divine, to my Ancestors whose blood within me comes from powerful we'moon who walked on many continents.

Aileen Marie is a Holistic Womxn's Health Practitioner, Pregnancy + Childbirth Consultant, Freebirth Mentor + Quantum Birthkeeper, Circle & Ceremony Facilitator + Rites of Passage Guide, Intuitive Healer + Bodywork Therapist, Folk Herbalist, Hearth + Hedge Witch, 

Ancestral Arts Alchemist, and Artist + Writer. 

She is studied + practiced in dance and primal movement, traditional midwifery, folk healing and herbalism, various bodywork therapy modalities, traditional nutrition, permaculture design, ancestral arts, womxn's mysteries, ceremony and has a passion for Rewilding, Sustainability, and Body+Food Sovereignty. 

Aileen is a queer mother to two wild witchlings and an Angel Baby, a fur baby, and an equine companion. She enjoys working with horses, dancing on the beach on Full Moons, making lists, drinking tea, and creating art. She uses pronouns she/her and they/them. 

Features & Guest Speaking

Why Womxn

Womxn is a term expanding on the 'womyn' of the 70's to be more inclusive of peoples of all backgrounds, gender identities, trans folk, etc. Womb-carrier (coined by a CA midwife) is used similarly, but womxn acknowledges that not everyone who identifies this way had or still has a womb. We'Moon was coined in Europe also in the 70's and means "we of the moon". 


This is a womxn and womb-carrier centered space, with a focus on the health, wellness, spiritual, and life experiences that those who are womb-carriers / womxn / womban / womyn / we'moon / women undergo during their lives and the energies and biological occurrences (such as menstruation, birth, breastfeeding) that have traditionally been considered 'feminine' in nature. 


However, you determine your own gender and this is a trans, genderqueer, gender fluid, and non-binary-inclusive space. Though we flow between the use of different terms and identities, we try our best to be as inclusive as possible with our use of language, etc. and this is reflected in our decision to use the terms woman, womxn, we'moon, and womb-carrier.