It Takes a Village 

We are creating relationship through community-building village projects and support. Through our community projects we hope to not only build a Tribe, but to model a new paradigm for a changing world, as well as making our services as affordable + accessible as possible to all peoples, regardless of financial standing, class, education, resources, or background.


We live in a day and age where self-care is held to a higher standard than community-care, where new parents are left treading water and trying to stay afloat all on their own without community-tribe-family, where most of us live hundreds if not thousands of miles away from our extended family members, and where most of us feel lost~ adrift in a sea of loneliness for lack of connection with like-minded others. This is where the AWILDA VILLAGE comes in. 

Your support of AWILDA through taking our classes and workshops, attending our gatherings, donating to our fundraisers, and supporting our work through our Patreon page makes our offerings, this community-building, this village-raising possible. We can't do this without you, and at the same time, this is also for you. We are building community, rekindling connection, and returning to an older way of life together

"It Takes a Village" to return to wellness, reconnect to our primal selves, explore right-relationship with the world around us & each other, & to raise our children. We are communal creatures, never meant to live a life of isolation devoid of the love, support & nurturing of the Tribe, the Clan, the Village.

The Awilda Tribe

We are creating Community, Tribe. We are offering a quantum modern-ancient blueprint for the shifting paradigm. We are working towards dismantling the system of patriarchy, colonization, and oppression + giving back to the People.



  • Awilda we'moon Traveling Wellness Wagon + Birth Lodge
  • Village Healer Community Wellness Co-Op + Apothecary 
  • Moon Mama Circle + Mother's Den Co-Op
  • The Village Kitchen Circle + Co-Op
  • Village Prenatals for Pregnancy Self-Care & Birth Autonomy 
  • Earth Spirit: Community Seed Swap & Plant Exchange 
  • Land Girls Resistance Army
  • And more...

All offerings will be available on a sliding-scale or by-donation basis. If you would like to support this work you can donate today or become a Patreon patron~ 

Welcome to the Village


The Traveling Wellness Wagon is currently in the planning stages, & we are hoping it will be completed + road-ready by the end of 2018. We will be traveling around the US with it in tow, attending gatherings, parking in community spaces & being hosted on private property for various teachings & community wellness / pregnancy + birth support, offerings, etc. 

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Offered jointly through the Village Healer Co-Op & Wellness Wagon, we will be facilitating pregnancy self-care circles for learning about our bodies in pregnancy, holistic pregnancy self-care, discovering the full range of birth options, & preparing for birth. Pregnant persons of any trimester are invited, as well as breastfeeding mothers of infants in the "fourth trimester". Particularly geared towards those planning Freebirths but all are welcome.

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We are currently in the works of putting together a community-based wellness center / co-op. Alternative healing modalities, classes, & workshops both long-distance + in-person by multiple practitioners. This will include a community apothecary + resource library. If you are interested in participating as a practitioner, please contact us! 

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The Village Kitchen's goal is to help bring community awareness to local food, sustainable farming practices, organically grown food, & traditional nutrition. Our plan is teach on-going community classes on traditional nutrition + food preparation, healthy eating on a food stamp budget, backyard gardening, & safe simple home herbalism & eventually facilitating a co-op + community garden. 

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Our biggest focus in community support + building is in serving the Mothers & Families. The Mother's Den circle + Moon Mama co-op help bring mamas & families together for support from each other, community, & witnessing. We host Birth Story Nights, community Prenatal Yoga + Childbirth Education classes, informational sessions on natural, eco-friendly, & primal parenting + motherhood, village prenatals, & more.

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We are of the land, & we are striving to come into closer relationship & co-dependence in right-relationship with the land. Awilda is planning community Seed Swap & Plant Exchanges, education around seed saving & sustainable/regenerative agriculture, as well as hosting chapters of the LAND GIRLS Resistance Army, dedicated to learning & living sustainable + ancestral farming, land management, & animal husbandry practices as ways to Resist the Regime.

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