We are creatures of the Earth, Wild by nature. We are born of Star-stuff, breathe Tree-breath, drink Sky-water. Our bodies are made to be Well, to be Strong. We have the right to accessible, affordable, sustainable healthcare rooted in the Earth...  


When nourished in multi-dimensional ways, our multi-dimensional                      bodies automatically seek out a state of balance, free from dis-ease... 

Our practice around health and wellbeing is rooted in finding what nourishes us (all of us-- our physical selves, our mental body, our sexual selves, our spiritual selves, and so on) and moving up from there. You cannot grow strong, nutrient-dense foods with poor soil. The same is true for us, as natural creatures who belong to this Earth, who are made from it and sustained by it. 

Just as one must rebuild the soil in order to grow food, one must do "soil remediation" in the body. This starts a chain reaction that often by itself is enough to see change. We incorporate multiple natural, holistic, and intuitive modalities to further promote wellness by offering support to the body in its attempt to reach homeostasis. We do not have or promote a one size fits all protocol given to each client as if in a factory. Every person is unique, has unique needs, and has unique circumstances. One plant may work for one person but not another, one diet may work for you but not your sister or mother, etc. 

Another facet of our wellness practice is that it is based in Ancestral Wisdom and the "Wise Woman Tradition". We follow the tenants that Gaia most often provides exactly what we need, less is often more, knowing when heroic allies/modalities are needed (most of the time they aren't), having right relationship with our healing allies and technologies, womxn-centered care, and making our work as accessible as possible to all peoples who may need it. We also believe, in the effort of decolonizing and decentralizing healthcare, that this wisdom is not reserved for those with expensive degrees and licensure but belongs to the People-- this means sharing as much information as possible, and encouraging the reclaiming of autonomy and sovereignty as individuals through self-education and self-care, supported by Community. 


None of the information provided on this website or within our services/coaching should be considered 'medical advice' nor is it meant to override or replace the guidance of your trusted care providers (especially if you are taking medication), but we believe that as autonomous, sovereign adult beings we have the ability and human right to educate ourselves, seek other / alternative healing modalities (whether in conjunction with conventional modalities or not), and ultimately be in control of our wellbeing and healing. 

Our Foundations for Wellness

At least 15 minutes direct sunlight on bare skin each
Try to do this every day! Ensures adequate Vitamin D & Melatonin Production which regulate hormones, various systems in the body, sleep quality, energy, & mood.  On a cloudy day or if you have darker skin, you will need more than 15 minutes sunlight exposure, but be aware you can still get a sunburn on a cloudy day. 
Adequate Hydration, preferably from Living &/or Alkaline Water, throughout the day.
When the body is properly hydrated with living, fresh, alkaline water (eg. foraged spring water) the cells in the body can do their job, free radicals & toxins are flushed from the body, & inflammation in the body — the root of almost all disease — is reduced. Adequate hydration with alkaline water promotes homeostasis in the body & supports all body systems. Drink to thirst & aim for light yellow-clear urine. 
30 min+ of direct contact with the Earth a day & if possible
1-2 hrs, 2-4x a week spent near trees/in a forest. 
Direct contact (skin-to-earth) Earthing/Grounding for a minimum of 30 minutes, but preferably upwards of two hours, each day has a significant impact on our circadian rhythm, hormone regulation, inflammation reduction, detoxification, mood regulation, sleep quality, & over-all sense of connection with self, others, & the world around us. You can also use grounding mats in the home, or grounding sheets on your bed. Nature Immersion (spending time around plants and trees -- eg. "forest bathing") has similar and additional benefits for wellbeing. 
Chemical-free, Fresh, Nutrient-Dense Whole Foods preferably from the Four Food Groups.
Fresh, nutrient-dense, whole foods that are organic/pesticide-free, pasture-raised/grassfed, or sustainably wildcrafted reduce toxins in the body (which are stored in body fat & affect everything from hormone regulation & fertility to mood, to causing cancer); improve gut health; have increased amounts of vitamin + minerals; & boost our immune systems. Avoid heavily processed/packaged foods, preservatives, artificial colors & flavors, artificial sweeteners & excessive sugar intake, & refined or bleached sugars & flours. Strive to have a varied diet, colorful but simple properly prepared meals, & eat from the “Four Food Groups” – Plant (including nutritious herbs), Animal, Fungi, & Bacteria (eg. fermented foods for probiotics).  

Womb-Carrier & Womxn's Wellness Offerings: Online & In-Person



Our one-on-one sessions are tailored to fit your needs & unique experience, & are meant to assist you in moving towards a state of balance, free from dis-ease+ come into your autonomy & sovereignty. Group sessions can focus on particular issues or help each person to find their way with support of a group. Coaching incorporates multiple modalities such as homeopathy, herbalism, bodywork, nutrition, etc.


  • General Health & Wellness Support
  • Menstrual Awareness + Womb Wellbeing / Breast Support for conditions like Endo, PCOS, fibroids, cancer, infertility, breastfeeding etc.
  • Conscious Fertility: Natural Contraception or Preparing for Conception
  • Pregnancy Wellness Coaching
  • FREEBIRTH: Pregnancy + Childbirth Mentoring
  • Postpartum Recovery & Wellbeing
  • Traditional Nutrition 



Bodywork Therapy & Energy Healing modalities help to support the body on its healing journey. When we give the body what it needs, it heals itself. Bodywork can help on all levels-- physical, emotional, energetic, even spiritual. Most bodywork is offered in-person, though energy healing is available remotely. 
  • Massage Therapy >> Swedish Relaxation, Reflexology, Therapeutic, Ayurvedic Warm Oil, Fertility, Prenatal, & Postpartum
  • Kundalini Reiki 
  • Intuitive Healing Sessions >> combine touch therapy, crystals, sound healing, Plant Spirit Medicine, & energywork/reiki. 
  • Nature Immersion Therapy / Guided Forest Bathing Sessions. 



We offer a range of live, on-demand & self-paced classes, 1-2 day workshops, & longer retreats both online & in-person. We also travel throughout the year to various primitive skills & womxn's gatherings to teach. We are available to travel & hold workshops or retreats, please contact us if you are interested in hosting! 


  • "The Primal Womxn Salon Series"
  • "Rewilding Birth: A Freebirth Salon"
  • "Kitchen Witchery: Food Alchemy & Folk Healing for the Home"
  • "Gaia As Healer: Land-Based Medicine" 
  • Pregnancy Release Companion Training (mentorship + workshop)
  • "Lunaception" on-demand E-Course
  •  More coming later 2018...



Providing Menstrual Health, Yoni Wellness, & Self-Care products + resources such as Zines, E-Books, & on-demand E-Courses. Our products are eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, organically grown or wildcrafted, or otherwise handmade. Some of our products are available for small batch whole-sale, & we are always open to cross-business trades & promotions! 


  • Multiple Yoni Sauna herbal blends
  • Handcrafted Portable Yoni Sauna Stools
  • Reiki-Charged Crystal Yoni Eggs & Wands
  • Moontime Yoni Sea Sponge Kits & Silicone Menstrual Cups
  • Yoni Love Self-Care Kits
  • "Rituals & Meditations for Pregnancy Release" e-book
  • Pregnancy Wellness Herbal Tea Blend
  • Multiple Zines 
  • And more...