We are Rewilding Womxnhood, going deep within to find our innermost wild selves, those we'moon who run with the wolves. We are Reconnecting to the Land, reforging the bonds between our wild, untamed selves and the Wildwood that birthed us, sustains us, and will receive us in the end...  


We are creatures of the earth. We evolved hundreds of thousands of years in direct contact and in total dependence of the earth, its bounty, its healing energy. Now science is proving the benefits to our physical and emotional well-being that we already knew, we've already felt in our bones, in our very DNA to be true. Spending time in nature, breathing in the air of rain-wet trees, touching our bare skin to the soil, swimming in the sea-- these are all vital for our well-being, and perhaps even for our very survival. 

Earthing and Forest Bathing, combined by some to be called Nature Immersion Therapy, puts you into contact with the earth's direct current electric field, reverses the damaging side effects of being constantly surrounded by alternating current electromagnetic fields given off by man-made electronics, reduces stress cortisol levels and over-all inflammation in the body, reduces episodes of anxiety, PTSD, and depression, helps with chronic pain and fatigue, improves mental clarity and focus, increases sense of connection to others and life on earth, improves sleep and circulation, assists detoxification, fights free radicals and aging, and more. 

When we go out in the forest, when we stand on the sea-shore, when we take off our shoes and let our toes dig into the dirt and feel the grass against our skin, we feel better. We know this is the way it was meant to be. Our children know it, they instinctively are drawn to be outside, to be barefoot, to move naturally through their environment, a part of it. Find yourself again in the support of the Earth.

       Into the forest I went, following the foxfire lights. I walked

                   until night had fallen, until I was lost, until I found myself... 

Come, Forest Womban, Wild Witch. Return to the place your bones know. Join me in the wild, green places where the Others lurk and Our Lady of the Ways peers out from behind oak and maple leaf, Her antlers glistening in the sunlight breaking through the canopy above.


Walk with me, slow down with me, barefoot and every step with purpose, silent. Feel the energy rise from the earth, up through your legs to your belly, your heart, through the top of your head like sap rising in the first warm days of spring. Feel your breath deepen, filling spaces in your lungs that you didn't know were lacking for air, nourishing cells you didn't know were starving.


Feel your senses expand beyond you, merging with the world around you, as you peer at bark, trembling leaf, rain drop, crawling bug or animal track only a hands-breadth from your nose. Feel your fatigue and irritability fall away, your mind expand and quiet, your skin vibrate and your feet pulse, your senses heighten. Drop deeper, deeper, deeper...

Until you know that you've come Home. 



You are a Forest Woman, They said. You belong to the trees and the river that runs from the mountains to the sea. You are of Fox and Bear and Raven born. Your mother tongue is the language of plant and beast. Your healing ways are of leaf and stone. Go to the forest. Return to the earth. Guide others on the path... 

... Return, the Spirits whispered. 

Return, croaked the bullfrogs in the night. 

Return, sang the birds by the pond. 

Return, said the fire dancing high. 

Return, cried the bowdrill in my hands. 

Return, said the wind in the trees. 

Return, called the Ancestors in the moonlight. 

Wildness Witnessing & Nature Immersion Offerings



Follow La Loba into the canyon to gather the bones, and sing them back into Being. Follow Bear Woman into the forest to learn the ways of the plant people. Follow Otter Girl into the river to find your inner child again. Follow the Ancestors into the heart of the Wildwood, to the heart of your Self, that you may remember your Wildness and free it from its cage.


  • Explore the Wild We'Moon Archetypes of Ancestor, Seer, Green Womxn, & Enchantress.

  • Learn land-based healing practices to expand your skill set for your own growth & supporting others.

  • Delve into your deepest parts, exploring the Shadow Self + our Wounds, including Trauma Resolution work, as well as reconnecting to our Inner Child.  

  • Explore Ancestry & Lineage Healing to release debt bonds, ingrained shame, and trauma, including work with healing our mother-bonds. 

  • Open up to your own sovereignty & autonomy and that of the land.

  • And more... 

Coming 2018/2019.

A 6-month Mentorship.

Solo Sessions


Undertake a one-on-one guided nature immersion session with forest bathing & earthing instruction, guided meditation & exploration with 'Invitations' to dive deeper into building a relationship with the land around you through sensory exploration, breathwork, & movement.

We finish with a Wild Tea Ceremony & Council where you can recount your experience & reflect on anything that came up for you during the session.


  • Sessions last 2-3 hours & can be at multiple locations, including mountain, forest, intracoastal waterway, or secluded beach. Please contact us for availability. 

  • One-on-One sessions may also include shamanic drumming & guided journey-work, intuitive healing, & personal ritual facilitation. Sessions can be tailored ahead of time based on your needs & desires. 

Group Sessions


We offer two ways to do group sessions. The first is hosting periodic community nature immersion sessions which are open to anyone from the community to attend. These can be co-ed. The second is pre-booked sessions for designated groups such as a group of friends, co-workers, or those from a red tent or similar women's circles.

Our nature immersion sessions include forest bathing and earthing instruction, guided meditation and exploration with 'Invitations' to dive deeper into building a relationship with the land.


  • We finish with a Wild Tea Ceremony & Council where those from the group who wish to can recount their experiences and reflect on anything that came up during the session.
  • Sessions last 2-3 hours and can be at multiple locations. Please contact us for availability, especially if wanting to pre-book a designated group or if group ritual facilitation along with the nature immersion session is desired. 

Vision Journey


Awilda We'Moon is working towards offering Womxn's & Couple's Wilderness Vision Journeys + Rituals in the community. These journeys include weeks & even months of preparation, ceremony prepping, ritual cleansing & fasting, the vision journey (or "sitting out") alone in nature, & reintegration. These journey rituals can mark a Rite of Passage in one's life, such as becoming an adult or a parent or overcoming a challenge in life, or to begin a new chapter, etc. The reasons are endless. Our role is to support you through the entire process and facilitate your journey into the wilds of your Self.  


  • Coming 2018/2019