Memories and knowledge are not just passed down from person to person by word of mouth, no-- we carry it in our very bones, in our DNA. Knowledge of plants for food and medicine, knowledge of the cycles of the land and how to live in tune with the Earth, knowledge of wellness and birthing babies in moonlight...  



We are becoming a Village, creating connection like mycelia interwoven              between tree roots, sharing information & nutrients between plants...

We are womxn of the wild places. Our hands remember how to harvest nettle without being stung, how to turn it into spider silk-thin thread and weave it and bless our bodies with its leaves and root. Our arms know the draw of the arrow notched on the bowstring, of the bowdrill bringing forth the ember, the weight of carrying our young held close. Our eyes are better adjusted to firelight, they can see the patterns in the dancing leaves and the trail through the wood. Our bodies crave our ancestral foods, wild-harvested and fermented-- and they know how to grow babies and birth them when they are nourished and loved. We need the support of both the Wildwood and the Village, the Plant and Stone and Animal Clans- all our Relations.

Most have forgotten the Old Ways. But some are Remembering, some are Returning.

You, are Remembering.

You feel the bone-deep draw to the willow stand by the river for basket-making, the call to the fields and meadows for the yarrow and blackberry for food and medicine, the song welling up inside you as you come together with your Village to dance a new mother across the Veil and return with their new babe in arms, the need in your very cells to be nourished with whole foods from the earth... 

Awilda We'Moon is working towards offering + facilitating the space for this Returning & Remembering, for the sharing of skills and knowledge that are buried in our Ancestral Memory, in our very DNA. This will be accomplished through various programs, in-person and online workshops, sisterhood skillshare gatherings, and community village-building and outreach. 

Come, Forest Womban, Wild Witch, Moon Mama. Come to the Place of Remembering. Sit by the Ancestor Fire, deep in the earth, where the stories of a hundred thousand years are painted on the walls. Come listen to the Elders speak, hear their words in your bones, and Know... 


Kiss your children goodnight and slip out into the star-lit darkness. Gather in the Moonlight, whispering the tales of our grandmothers by firelight that the stories may be remembered, that new ones may be told. Form the elk hide over the bones of your drum, pulling the strings tight and warming them by the fireside. Spin the nettle into fiber for weaving, for making your prayer shawls and the string skirts for dancing. Pass the mead brewed with medicine and magic round and round the circle until we're howling into the night, speaking prophecy and dancing till dawn. 


With the blush of the coming sunrise on the eastern horizon, kiss your witch sisters good-bye and return home, hair tangled with twig and leaf, feet muddied and fingers bruised. Step into your home, light the morning fire from the banked embers of the night before. Listen to the stirring of a house coming to life, rising to greet the dawn as you wrap your nettle-shawl around your shoulders and with feet bare and dancing, set the kettle and begin the day with dandelion fritters and honey from your sister's temple hives. 

Mid-day your sisters join you, their children on their backs or running through the forest with your own, as you gather and tend to the wild things and the garden things and craft and cook and clean and teach together, telling stories over blackberry tea or rosehip wine. You laugh and you cry and you break and you mend, in her arms, in the arms of your children and your lovers.


You let go, you remember, you return. 

Womxn's Wisdom & Ancestral Lifeways: Online & In-Person



Our one-on-one sessions are tailored to fit your needs & unique experience, & are meant to assist you in moving towards a state of balance, free from dis-ease + come into your autonomy & sovereignty. Group sessions can focus on particular issues or help each person to find their way with support of a group. Coaching incorporates multiple modalities such as homeopathy, herbalism, bodywork, nutrition, etc. We also provide mentorship-trainings.


  • General Health & Wellness Support
  • Menstrual Awareness + Womb Wellbeing / Breast Support for conditions like Endo, PCOS, fibroids, cancer, infertility, breastfeeding etc.
  • Conscious Fertility: Natural Contraception or Preparing for Conception
  • Pregnancy Wellness Coaching
  • FREEBIRTH: Pregnancy + Childbirth Mentoring
  • Pregnancy Release Companion Training + Mentorship
  • Postpartum Recovery & Wellbeing
  • Traditional Nutrition 
  • Folk Herbalism + Healing



Providing ancestral, intuitive, and primal support - healing - witnessing - ceremony facilitation for the Childbearing Years. We are holding space for your self-discovery, reconnection to your intuitive primal self and ancestors, and witnessing your Transformational experiences, however they may look for you. Below are our current offerings, and see THE VILLAGE for our Mother's Den Co-Op. 


  • Conscious Fertility Support: Natural Contraception & Quantum Conception coaching
  • Full-spectrum Pregnancy & Birth Support (conception, miscarriages, terminations, pregnancy, birth, adoption, etc)
  • Pregnancy Wellness Mentoring
  • Quantum Birth Preparation / Holistic Childbirth Education
  • Freebirth Mentoring
  • Birth Attendance: Doula, Monitrice, & Traditional Birthkeeper services
  • Postpartum Mother Roasting Services + Recovery Support (bellybinding, postpartum doula, etc)
  • Ceremony Facilitation (mother blessing, naming ceremony, placenta honoring, etc)
  • Placenta Honoring Services



Primitive Skills, Ancestral Arts, & Traditional Lifeways Skillshare Classes, Workshops, & Gatherings offering everything from fiber arts to hide processing to folk healing & traditional nutrition. Our gatherings combine nature immersion, ancestral wisdom, primitive skills, time in solitude & time together, community-building, & ceremony.


  • The Primal Womxn (Online Salon Series + Weekend Retreat)
  • Kitchen Witchery: Food Alchemy & Folk Healing for the Home (Online Class + Weekend Intensive)
  • Rewilding Birth: Freebirth Salon (Online Class + Weekend Intensive)
  • Path of the Horse  (coming 2018/2019)
  • Conscious Fertility, Conscious Birth Retreat (coming 2018/2019)
  • Ancestral Arts Skillshare: Tending Fire (coming 2018/2019)
  • Ancestral Arts Skillshare: Hidetanning (coming 2018/2019)
  • Ancestral Arts Skillshare: Fiber Arts (coming 2018/2019)
  • Ancestral Arts Skillshare: Herbal Medicine & Traditional Nutrition (coming 2018/2019)

The Village


Creating relationship through community-building village projects and support. "It Takes a Village" to return to wellness, reconnect to our primal selves, explore relationship with the world, & to raise our children. Through our community projects we hope to not only build a Tribe, but to model a new paradigm for a changing world, as well as making our services as affordable + accessible as possible. 


  • Village Healer Community Wellness Co-Op
  • Moon Mama Mother's Circle + Co-Op
  • The Village Kitchen Circle+Co-Op
  • Village Prenatals for Pregnancy Self-Care & Birth Autonomy 
  • Earth Spirit: Community Seed Swap & Plant Exchange