We are called by the Moon, Our Cycles mimic that of the Earth in its journey around the Sun. We honor our Transitions and Transformations, and Witness each other in Ceremony. Our magic is of acorn becoming oak, of starlight and prayers given to water or seeds left in bobcat tracks, of blood and bone, plant and stone...  

Forest Womxn, Wild Witch

The Way of the Wild Witch is for witches old and witches new, womxn called and womxn remembering. It is an exploration of a deeper, older, darker, wilder magic rooted in the Wilds and the role of Witch as Mediator, Edge-Liver and Hedge-Rider, and Protectress of the Wildwood, of the Earth. This Path + Offerings is based in and will explore primal myth + folk magic, ancestral + traditional European witchcraft, Northern Traditions Shamanism, Celtic Spirituality, and others. We are not afraid of Blood & Bones or the dark of the New Moon, we Tenders of the Witches' Plants, we Keepers of Familiars, we who Dance with Spirits. 

Though the majority of our inspiration and study revolves around European Traditional Witchcraft & Shamanic Practices, we are not exclusive to this nor are we closed to those who come from other traditions. The Way of the Wild Witch is for anyone of any path who resonates with our work, regardless of race/ethnicity/lineage/tradition/personal practice/sexual preference/gender identity, etc.

We have a few Mystery School courses currently in the works, as well as a virtual and local Coven~ We also provide ceremony facilitation, official ordination for events such as Handfastings and baby Namings, and lead circle and ritual. 

     I knew, like a snow goose knows the way home, who I was.

           What I was. I was wild, I was fierce, I was magic. I was Witch-kin... 

More and more of us are hearing the calling. Remembering an older, wilder way. We are the ones who have always found ourselves on the outskirts, in the hedgerow, living and moving through life in the liminal places, the in-between. We are world-crossers, walking through life with one foot in this world and one in the spirit world. We were soul-called, and when we fell down, down into the Underworld, and we let ourselves be devoured and torn assunder and re-born in fire, we became Witch. 

We are the ones who whisper to plants, and know their ways-- of curing, of poisoning, of life and death, of magic and medicine. We are the ones who see spirits in the corners of our eyes, or hear voices brushing against our ear, telling us things to come. We are the ones who look into the depths of our tea cups or at the movement of birds in the sky and have a Kenning. We are the ones who like the Hedgerow, mediate between the wild and the tamed, the natural world and the human world. We are Witch. 

We are the ones who place crystals in the sunlight and dance with our sisters on the Hill under a Full Harvest Moon. We are the ones who ride the drum-horse up and down the World Tree, who go Sitting Out to receive messages from the Land, who tend to spirit and body and mind and the Wild. We are the ones who hang rowan crosses above our doors and burn blackberry and mugwort and dance our prayers. We are the ones who came from the ones before, in a land and time before. We are Witch. 


Mystery of Blood & Bone

Of Mountain River

Of Gold Veins Buried in the Stone


Mystery of Badger Den

Of Winter's Cold

Of Flowers in the Valley Glen


Mystery of Seed & Womb

Of Mating Rites

Of Final Rest Within the Tomb


Mystery of Spinning Nettle

Of Story Told

Of When to Roam & When to Settle

Mystery of Sitting Out

Of Soul Flight

Of Calling Rain to End the Drought


Mystery of Mother Bear

Of Mending Wounds

Of Braiding Wild Windswept Hair


Mystery of Earth & Sky

Of Returning to

Of Creating With the Earthen Dye


Mystery of Fire, Water

Of Reflection Deep

Of What You're Leaving for Your Daughter 

Current WAY OF THE WILD WITCH Offerings



Follow La Loba into the canyon to gather the bones, and sing them back into Being. Follow Bear Woman into the forest to learn the ways of the plant people. Follow Otter Girl into the river to find your inner child again. Let Horse carry you along the World Tree. Follow the Ancestors into the heart of the Wildwood, to the heart of your Self, that you may remember your Wildness and free it from its cage.


  • The Wildling We'Moon Mentorship (6-month program)

  • Walking With Bear: A Bear Priestess Path (6-week immersion course)

  • Macha's Mares: Path of the Horse (classes, workshops, and Tribe)

Coming 2018/2019.



AWILDA provides circle + ceremony facilitation, official ministerial ordination services, and heads various circles and covens. If you are interested in hosting us, having us facilitate or ordinate a ceremony, or you are called to attend one of our local Circles or rituals,

please contact us~


  • WITCH DRUM Womxn's Ecstatic Dance + Drum Circles

  • MOON CALLED Red Tent & Moontemple Facilitation 

  • Wildling Witches Coven

  • Macha's Mares: Amazons Tribe (womxn's martial arts & weapons training, quantum horsemanship, & warrior womxn/sovereignty goddess archetype exploration)

  • Ritual Handpoke Tattooing 

  • Rites of Passage Ceremony Facilitation

  • Community Seidr Rituals

  • Community Wheel of the Year Rituals



The Role of the Witch, the Medicine Person, the Shaman, the Volva, the Priestess was to Serve. They served their communities through providing healings, cleansings, & blessings, through mediating between the spiritworld & this world for the benefit of each, through foretelling the future & petitioning the Spirits  for Their blessing for families, crops, and so on. They oversaw community rituals & ceremonies, presented new children to the Ancestors & Tribe, & sat with the dying...


  • Community Wheel of the Year Rituals

  • Rites of Passage Ceremony Facilitation

  • Official Ministerial Ordination & Blessings for events such as pregnancy, birth, namings, handfastings, and Last Rites

  • Community Seidr Rituals

  • Shamanic Healing Sessions, Cleansings, & Blessings